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6.5 PRC Bottom Metal, AI Magazine, Extended M5 Bottom Metal, RedSnake Bottom Metal -

Extended M5 Bottom Metal for 6.5 PRC Rifles

Our Extended M5 Bottom Metal (for Rem 700 / custom actions) is designed to allow cartridges with an OAL of 2.95" to magazine feed without having to modify the rifle's action or feed ramp. 

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300 WSM, AI Magazine, AICS Bottom Metal, Bottom Metal for 300 WSM, Tikka Bolt Stop, Tikka Bottom Metal -

Our Tikka T3/T3x nEXTgen Bottom Metal allows Tikka WSM rifle owners to run an extended OAL.

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AI Magazine, Bottom Metal, Tikka T3x -

Our Tikka nEXTgen AICS Bottom Metal (Long Action) is now available for purchase! We are expecting our Sako TRG magazine compatible version to be available November 2017.  

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