FAQs for RedSnake Tactical Bottom Metal for Tikka T3 Rifles


Will my stock need to be modified for the bottom metal to fit?

Depending on the model you choose, some modification of your stock will be necessary. Our nEXTgen AICS Bottom Metal is designed as a drop-in to fit in the OEM/factory stock or aftermarket stocks that are inletted for the factory bottom metal. Please note, some minor modification of your factory stock is necessary (see installation instructions).

Our nEXTgen TRG Bottom Metal requires your stock to be specially inletted and is not compatible with the factory Tikka stock. We recommend installation of the nEXTgen TRG Bottom Metal be installed by a gunsmith as the lever length may need to be adjusted to ensure proper magazine latching (see installation instructions).

Do any of the aftermarket stock companies offer inletting for RedSnake Tactical's nEXTgen Bottom Metal?

We are currently working with several of the leading fiberglass stock manufacturers to have them offer inletting for our bottom metal as a standard option when ordering a new stock.  

My stock has already been inletted for another bottom metal -- will the nEXTgen Bottom Metal fit?

Our nEXTgen TRG bottom metal will fit stocks previously inletted for CDI bottom metal, however, the inlet will need to be widened to accommodate our bottom metal. Aftermarket fiberglass stocks that have been inletted for OEM/factory bottom metal can also be inletted to to be compatible with the nEXTgen TRG bottom metal.

Do you offer a short action bottom metal?

At the present time, we do not have a short action bottom metal for Tikka rifles.

What is RedSnake's Return / Refund Policy?

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not pleased with your nEXTgen bottom metal for any reason, you may return it for a full refund. Please note, RedSnake Tactical/RedSnake Enterprises is NOT responsible for any changes to your stock or magazines and will not refund or reimburse customers for changes or damage to your stock or magazines if modified to fit our bottom metal.


Bottom metal is too wide and wont fit in stock?

Due to variances in the tolerances of the stock fabrication process, the bottom metal inlet may not be wide enough to accommodate our bottom metal. Using a flat file or emory cloth, incrementally widen the width of the opening on the bottom of the stock until the nEXTgen bottom metal drops in.

Bolt wont pick up a cartridge when cycling action?

Tikka's actions load rounds by a push feed mechanism where the bolt contacts the case head and pushes the cartridge forward. This usually indicates that the magazine is sitting too low for the bolt to contact the case head. First, try widening the feed lips on the magazine so that the cartridge sits higher. If the bolt still will not engage the cartridge, we recommend having a gunsmith evaluate the fit and make modifications as necessary (usually deepening the inlet or shortening the pillars so that the nEXTgen bottom metal sits closer to the action).

NOTE: We recommend using AICS magazines with metal feed lips.  Polymer magazines do not feed reliably in Tikka rifles due to the geometry of the magazine feed lips which cause the cartridge to sit too low to be picked up by the bolt and/or can impede bolt closure.

Cartridge is hitting the bottom of the action's feed ramp?

Our nEXTgen bottom metal is designed to allow cartridges with an OAL of 3.500" to feed from the magazine. First, ensure that the cartridge is pushed back against the rear of the magazine. It may be necessary to remove the flat spring on the front surface of the trigger housing as this can push the cartridge anteriorly. You may also need to adjust the width of the feed lips on your magazine so that that the cartridge assumes a "nose-up" orientation to clear the feed ramp on the action.

Cartridge doesn't feed smoothly and gets hung up as bolt is advanced?

Try adjusting (widening) the width of the feed lips on the anterior half of your magazine so that that the magazine releases the cartridge as the case head passes the mid-portion of the action.

Magazine wont latch

Push upwards firmly on the bottom of the magazine.  If your magazine will still not engage the lever, we recommend having a gunsmith evaluate the fit and make modifications as necessary. For the mechanically-inclined, this can be accomplished by using a 3/32 spring pin punch to remove the spring pin from the lever housing. Incrementally shorten the lever from the top using a flat file or grinding wheel.