Solution for Extending OAL for Tikka WSM Rifles

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Solution for Extending OAL for Tikka WSM Rifles

We've had a lot of customers ask about how they can maximize the performance of their Tikka rifles that are chambered in WSM calibers -- .300 WSM, .270 WSM, etc. -- especially in regards to running heavy for caliber bullets like the Berger VLDs and Hornady ELDs.

PROBLEM: The Tikka factory magazine for WSM cases are too short for optimal seating depth with the heavies.  Additionally, there have been limited compatible aftermarket bottom metal parts. In the past, Tikka WSM owners have had to improvise solutions, such as dremelling the back side of their factory magazines to gain the desired OAL. Some have tried utilizing AICS 300 Win Mag magazines but have encountered problems with cartridge case being too wide and being impinged on by the internal ribs on the sides of the magazine.

SOLUTION: Both of our Tikka bottom metal designs -- T3 nEXTgen AICS DBM and T3 nEXTgen TRG DBM -  are well-suited for use in Tikka WSM rifles.

Our AICS magazine compatible bottom metal works with any AICS 3.715" steel magazine, however, we have found that the WSM cases fit the  MDT 300 WM or MDT 338 LM magazines best. This model fits in the factory stock or any aftermarket stock inletted for the OEM/Factory bottom metal

Our TRG magazine compatible bottom metal accepts the Sako/TRG42 magazine. The double stack configuration of this magazine feeds the WSM cases exceptionally well.

Note that because the WSM calibers are short-action, the rifle's bolt stop will need to be swapped out from the factory "short action" to a "long action".  Bolt stops are available from retailers such as Brownells or Sinclair and aftermarket suppliers such as Mountain Tactical or Dallas Rifle.

SUMMARY: To run an extended OAL from your Tikka in WSM calibers

1) Order either of our Tikka T3 nEXTgen Bottom Metal parts

2) Use 3.715" AICS compatible magazines (MDT recommended) or Sako/TRG42 magazine

3) Convert action to long-action by replacing the bolt stop.