The Next Generation of Bottom Metal For Bolt Action Rifles

Introducing RedSnake Tactical's nEXTgen Bottom Metal for precision bolt action rifles. Our patent-pending, extended length designs allows longer overall cartridge lengths to feed from magazines compared to OALs that have been previously possible with existing DBM/bottom metal parts.

Our Tikka nEXTgen Bottom Metal is available in both short action and long action versions. Our short action bottom metal for Tikka T3 rifles is now available and allows rounds with an OAL of 2.95" to feed from AI AE Mk1 magazines and is designed as a drop-in DBM trigger guard for factory stocks.

Our nEXTgen Bottom Metal is available in two long action models - a AICS magazine compatible drop-in replacement bottom metal for OEM stocks and aftermarket stocks with factory bottom metal inlet and the first long action SAKO TRG magazine compatible bottom metal for Tikka T3 and T3x Rifles. Both of our long action Tikka nEXTgen Bottom Metal models will allow rounds with an OAL of 3.500" to feed from magazines.

We are very excited to announce that we will also be releasing an extended M5 DBM aftermarket trigger guard -- our M5 nEXTgen Bottom Metal is compatible with any custom action that shares the Rem 700 footprint and will be a drop-in ready trigger guard for stocks with a standard M5 inlet.

Made in the USA

Tikka T3 Short Action Bottom Metal Now Available!
- and -
Rem 700 (SA) Bottom Metal with M5 Footprint Coming Soon!

Tikka T3 AICS Long Action Bottom Metal

Run AICS (long action) magazines in your Tikka factory stock!

Our long action Tikka nEXTgen AICS Bottom Metal is compatible with OEM stocks and aftermarket stocks with factory bottom metal inlet. No modification of your action is necessary!

Which Bottom Metal is Right For You?


Tikka nEXTgen (LA) AICS

Tikka nEXTgen (LA) TRG

Tikka nEXTgen (SA) AI

M5 nEXTgen (SA) AI

Action Tikka (LA) Tikka (LA) Tikka (SA) Custom
Magazine 3.715" AICS Sako TRG42 .300 WM

AI AE MKi .308 #AI-4267

3.055" AICS
Fits OEM Stocks YES NO  YES YES 
Fits Aftermarket Stocks YES YES  YES YES 
Inlet Factory Bottom Metal Custom Inlet  Factory Bottom Metal M5 Inlet 
Drop In Ready YES* Requires Adjusting Lever Length YES YES**

*Requires slight modification of Tikka factory stock. See Installation Instructions for more information.

**Remington 700 actions will require modification (shortening bolt stop and milling of posterior action receiver). Professional gunsmith installation recommended.

We are pleased to announce that McMillan Stocks is now offering inletting for our Tikka bottom metal!

Gunbuilder Reviews

Works Perfect

...tested it out in a McMillan A3 that was inletted for factory T3 DBM and it work just as it should...

Eric Smith, ES-Tactical

Precision Rifle Hunters
ES Tactical