Extended M5 Bottom Metal for 6.5 PRC Rifles

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Extended M5 Bottom Metal for 6.5 PRC Rifles

We've had a lot of questions from folks wanting to use a detachable box magazine to feed a 6.5 PRC. In the past, rifle owners wanting to utilize loads with an OAL longer than 2.80" have had to modify their actions by cutting or machining a notch in the feed ramp. 

Instead, our patent-pending design of our Extended M5 Bottom Metal shifts the magazine well posteriorly by .100" to gain the extra length needed to load cases with a longer OAL without having to modify the action or feed ramp.  When combined with a magazine without a binder plate, rounds with an OAL of 2.95" can magazine feed.  This is particularly helpful with custom or handload using the long, heavy-for-caliber projectiles like the Hornady 147 gr ELD-M and the new Berger 156 gr bullet.

Extended M5 Bottom Metal


We've had great feedback from custom rifle builders such as Horizon Firearms and Alamo Precision Rifles who have built countless numbers of 6.5 PRC rifles with our bottom metal.

6.5 PRC from Horizon Firearms with our Extended M5 Bottom Metal


6.5 PRC with Extended M5 Bottom Metal 

 6.5 PRC from Alamo Precision Rifles with our Extended M5 Bottom Metal